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Why Bitpanda is the best platform for new crypto-traders

Bitpanda Platform is perhaps the easiest way for new traders to enter the crpyto world. And we will show you why in this brief Bitpanda Review

The Bitpanda Platfrom is easy to use

First and foremost, we are looking at one of the easiest platforms to use at the start of trading. The layout for trading is simple and concise. It allows the user to roam freely and gather only the information they seek. It offers clear cut access to your funds and trades, as well as market information and trends.

The layout of information is fantastic

Bitpanda platform review

We have to understand that getting into trading crypto with your hard earned money can be intimidating. The markets aren’t regulated by national banks, only by it’s supply and demand. Therefore, it’s essential not to further scare your users by adding unnecessary information from the start. Bitpanda does an incredible job at letting the user roam freely on it’s incredibly customer-centric platform. Information is good, however a lot of information can be overwhelming.

The Bitpanda platform is cheap

This is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of crypto-trading. Most platforms assume their users have excess of funds to spare once they get into crypto. However, usually this is not the case. Offering low fees and high discounts can be the deciding factor in customer retention. Furthermore, as an established platform, Bitpanda doesn’t need to capitalize largely on each transaction, as there are thousands happening daily. On top of that, there are further benefits when using the platforms own BEST token.

This is the platform we all wish existed when we first began trading. Instead of having to maneuver labyrinths of information and pay incredibly high fees. We warmly recommend this Austrian platform and if you wish to learn more, Cointific has an amazing Bitpanda review and it features.

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