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What is the Difference Between VPS and Dedicated Server?

Let’s see the differences between a VPS and a Dedicated Server.

There are many similarities between VPS and Dedicated Server. Both of them give you better control over your hosting environment compared to Shared or Reseller hosting as you gain root control. You can purchase them as per your hardware requirement from hosting providers.

VPS and Dedicated server
VPS Vs Dedicated Server

We can say that VPS server is a lighter, more affordable version of a dedicated server because a VPS plan shares the server but it still behaves like a dedicated server.


VPS plans are cheaper than Dedicated servers.

Server Management

Hosting providers usually give two options for VPS and Dedicated server plan i.e Managed servers or Unmanaged servers. Of course, managed servers cost more than unmanaged servers.

Managed servers refer to server setup, configuration, maintenance, and security Maintainance by the hosting company and in case of unmanaged servers, the client has to set up, configure and maintain his own server (In case of a VPS, the host will provision your VPS and leave the rest to you).

Operating Systems

You can set up your VPS or dedicated server with the required operating system i.e Linux or Windows (these are the most common operating systems provided by hosting providers).

Basically, Linux hosting plans are cheaper than windows hosting plans. Under Windows hosting you can host sites built in ASP and .Net programming languages.


On a shared server, you have many security issues like a DDOS attack, IP blacklisting due to spamming etc. hence having your own server is more secure.

Which Option is Best For You?

Choose VPS hosting plan if ..

  • Your site is growing and needs better hosting, but the price is a major concern.
  • You’re technically experienced but managed services aren’t in your budget.
  • You need additional resources, but don’t want to purchase a dedicated server.

Choose a Dedicated Server If..

  • You need more server resources, support a high number of visitors, run a resource-heavy website.
  • If your priority is a more secure environment.
  • You want to configure a server with extra software or hardware to achieve the best results for your hosted sites.

That’s all!!

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