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Main Managed and Unmanaged Hosting Differences

Want to buy a hosting plan? Then you have to make a choice between a Managed and an Unmanaged Hosting Plan. We are going to describe Managed and Unmanaged hosting differences in great detail.

Most users start hosting their websites on a shared server where the server will be managed by your hosting provider.

Managed Hosting

Managed Dedicated/VPS servers are for those clients who don’t want to handle their server maintenance. In this case, servers are maintained and monitored by the hosting provider or system administrator and the client has to pay the extra cost for this server maintenance to the hosting provider or system administrator.

Unmanaged Hosting

Unmanaged Dedicated/VPS servers are for those clients who want to handle all the maintenance of their server themselves. In this case, the hosting providers are only responsible for the operating system installation, hardware maintenance, network connection and everything else needed to run server reliably. The client has the freedom to configure the server as per his requirements as well as they can perform required application installation without any restrictions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Unmanaged Hosting

In unmanaged hosting, you will get full access to your own server. Unmanaged servers are a little bit cheaper than managed servers. You should have a good technical knowledge to manage your own server. So in case of any failure, you can correct it and get the server online as soon as possible. If you purchase unmanaged hosting, you can’t ask for support from your hosting provider. They will only support you for hardware failure and server reboots, everything else you need to handle yourself.

In managed hosting, you can ask for any support from your hosting provider, if anything goes wrong with the server.

Which One Is Right For Your Business?

If you need full control over the server and you have the expertise to manage it for optimal performance, reliability, and security then you can go for Unmanaged Dedicated/VPS server.

But if you want your hosting provider to manage your whole hosting work then can go for Managed Dedicated/VPS server.

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