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Internet Access

Internet Access is the process of connecting to the internet via mobile phones, computers or laptops by a user or organizations.

Internet Access
Internet Service

Individual clients and organizations are paying to an ISP (Internet Service Provider) for Internet Service. The speed, cost, reliability, and availability of the Internet service depends on the region, the Internet Service provider and connection type, because Internet speed and availability is not the same in all regions.

These are the ways to obtain Internet Access:

Wireless connection

This Internet access option has no need for a cable between you and your ISP.
The ISP will connect to the Internet through a cabled connection and broadcast that connection using radio waves. In this case, you would have some sort of an antenna and modem set up that would let you communicate with the ISP to have Internet Access.

Mobile connection

This refers to the Internet Connection to your mobile phones. Mobile Internet works with radio waves same as a wireless connection. Today, most people are using smartphones hence they can get easy Internet connectivity to their mobile phones.


To get Internet access you will need to set up a satellite dish. The signal beams to a satellite, turns around then beams the signal back to you and vice versa.


Dial-up internet access allows connectivity to the internet through a standard telephone line. Normally dial-up connections used in past years before the introduction of the cable network.


DSL is Digital Subscriber Line. A DSL modem uses telephone lines to get high-speed Internet connections. Many local phone services provide DSL offering High-speed Internet access delivered through existing telephone lines.


After Dial-up connection cable is the first new medium to be used. The cable used in Internet connection is the same as the cable that you may have for cable TV so you can ask your TV cable provider if cable internet service is available.

Wi-Fi hotspot

This is one of the most popular options of Internet access which will give you access to fixed-line broadband at different locations. Hotspots are normally faster than mobile broadband for browsing and downloading. You can get free Wi-Fi and can have Internet access on your device at many locations worldwide.

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