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How to Choose Right Location For Your Dedicated Server

In this article, we will see why you should choose the right location for your dedicated server.

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Business owners are not giving enough importance to server location in today’s world. This is because of high-speed internet access and data transfers.
VPS or shared servers may not need fast speed or performance, but when it comes to dedicated servers, then most clients demand reliability, speed and performance assurance.

But sometimes, while users having a high-speed server they still experience problems while accessing data over a large distance. This situation arises when a lot of data exchange is needed between the server and the user. In many cases, its good to have servers at different locations close to the users so the time taken for data transfer is minimized. But the fact is that even the fastest internet speed and server cannot offer the best performance until you select the right location for your dedicated server.

Why Geo Location Is Important For Your Dedicated Server?

Slow website access is very frustrating for site visitors and it affects your business. To make the site faster you must choose a closer location close to your site users or target market.

How to Select Correct Location For your Dedicated Server?

Find Out Where Your Users are From

First, you should identify the high traffic regions towards your site. Choose a hosting provider based on the location you want which is better than moving your hosting to the new location within the provider’s network. Directing traffic thorugh a fast infrastructure will create a positive user experience and help to grow your business.

Verify if Your Data Center is Close to the Internet Exchange Point (IXP)?

The closeness of your dedicated server to the user will create a high impact on your site performance. But this will make little difference if the distance between the Internet Exchange Point (IXP) and the data center it too big. IXP works as a crossing point from which internet data passes through various paths to reduce data transfer bandwidth.
Data centers that are located at a long distance from the IXP often suffer greater latency as the data has to travel a longer distance.

Consider Your Data Centers Performance

The perfect location for your server will not offer value if it does not contain the required infrastructure for users. As some of the hosting providers offers outdated hardware which affects site performance. Hence it’s important to have good infrastructure as well.

So, The geographical location of your dedicated server is important as it ensures that your site visitors receive the fastest response time by hosting the data close to the location of your users.

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