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Host Your Site With Your ISP

Some of the ISP‘s provide the option to host your website with them. If you decided to host your site with an ISP then make sure the services they offer are as per your website requirement.

Server software

If your site’s function is to just to display information to users over the internet then you don’t need to worry about the ISP server configuration. But if your website is an eCommerce site you will need a secure payment system.

Some sites require specific operating systems such as Linux or Windows, so check for the operating system requirement of your site i.e if your site is designed with programming languages ASP, .net then you will need a windows operating system at your ISP to support the site otherwise you will have to find another provider!

Bandwidth speed

Your website will need fast internet access. If the internet connection is not fast enough it will affect the site loading speed and visitors won’t able to access the pages fast enough. In the case of a high number of visitors accessing the site at the same time, your site may have downtime because of bandwidth limitation set by your ISP.

As most of the ISP’s impose Bandwidth Limitations you have to think about these points:

  • Is your ISP allocates enough Bandwidth to your site?
  • If you want to exceed the Bandwidth limit, how much will it cost?
  • Will you get any notifications when your site is close to the Bandwidth limit?

If you are hosting an E-commerce site then check for site requirements at your ISP:

  • Which web server technology does your ISP support
  • How much storage space they offer
  • If they have daily/weekly backups on their server.
  • Do they guarantee uptime and instant customer support
  • How much web traffic their servers can handle
  • For an e-commerce site, you must have a secure server as your site will have active payment transactions. Hence the payment details of clients (eg.Credit card details) should be secure.
  • Check if your ISP will charge extra for specific software installations required for your site as well as the e-commerce site must have an SSL installed for secure transactions.

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