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Differences Between Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting

This article will help you to reduce the confusion about these two hosting products by explaining the differences between Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting.

Cloud Hosting Vs VPS
Cloud Hosting VS VPS

What is VPS Hosting ?

In VPS hosting, one physical server is divided into several smaller virtual servers. Each of these virtual server act as a dedicated server in terms of functionailty.

As you have your own dedicated section of the physical server, you have your own allocated resources and you can configure your server partition as per your requirement. But a VPS server can face downtime due to physical server failure.

Why you should go for VPS hosting ?

VPS servers are good for those who want extra control over their hosted sites and have the technical knowledge to customize the server as per their requirements.

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What Is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud servers are similar to VPS hosting environments. The Main difference is that instead of having a dedicated server for your site (Such as VPS) the resources are spread over bunch of different physical machines.

In a Cloud hosting environment, your site will be able to use resources from different servers, so in the case of any downtime of the main physical machine, your site can utilize resources from other physical machines from the cloud (a Cloud is a multitude of servers).

Why you should go for Cloud hosting ?

Cloud hosting is a good choice for those who want a scalable and high-performance host for their website. These are some points you should be aware of:

  • Cloud hosting does not offer as much server customization options.
  • In a cloud hosting environment, the site will have high and scalable performance due to the available extra resources.
  • This will be a secure environment, separate from other users on the same physical server network.

What’s Best For My Website?

The main difference between both these hosting types is Scalability. If you are not worrying about Scale then VPS will be a great option. Otherwise to get a flexible hosting setup with high performance and storage you can go for Cloud Hosting.

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